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Now that my good friend @johnsunde is 60 I figured it was time to have him immortalised like the legend he is. #capocycling

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These things are fucking killer.. #SQUAD

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Fuck. @adamblythe89 ‘s new Nikes. #thefuckendope

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A Miscellany of Le Tour de France - Day 37

1950 On the Stage from Toulon and Menton, the race swept past the Gulf of St Tropez. Sweltering in the heat, the sight of the inviting Med proved too much temptation and a few riders pulled over and dived into the sea.

Pretty soon half the peloton had joined in splashing around with free abandon.

The furious Tour Director, Goddet, said “Surely the cyclists should have been acquiring or reacquiring the rudiments of their strenuous profession, instead of indulging in these carnival antics.”


Every day until the Grand Depart, we’ll be sharing 100 stories from the last 100 years, a design per day until the greatest show on earth begins. You can see the full set of stories, and purchase postcards and prints, at

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Lachlan Morton knows how to warm-up the right way for a TT.

The UCI have rules against everything yet they don’t have rules against this!?